NCH Membership
NCH Secretary

Lianne Thomashow, who can be reached at 
(802) 299-9411 or by using the Contact NCH page.



802-436-2477 (updated by 7:30 AM in the event of any change).


NCH Secretary
Lianne Thomashow, who can be reached at (802) 765-4274 or by using the Contact NCH page.




If you are aged over 18 and under 30 you can join as a Single (Young Adult) at less than half the cost of a Single (Senior) membership! Look into it and we look forward to seeing you.

Welcome! We invite you to join us foxhunting with the North Country Hounds in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire.  

If you are interested in riding to hounds with NCH please contact the Secretary in advance, and remember to leave your dogs at home.  Participants (known as "cappers") are always welcome.  

The capping fee is $60 for adults and $20 for children.  A signed release and waiver of liability is required (Adult Waiver Child Waiver). We request that you also provide current coggins and rabies certificates for your horse.

Please review the following information to help you have a safe and enjoyable day (download this information here).


The Meet

The day begins with the hounds, horses and riders coming together at the meet. When you arrive, please check in with the Secretary, who will collect your capping fee and release. Once you unload your horse, shut the doors of your trailer so the hounds do not enter. At each meet, we are there through the courtesy of the landowner and neighbors. Please be polite and appreciative of their generosity. Please be respectful of crops, lawns, farm animals, etc.  Take manure home with you.

The Staff

When the hounds (never "dogs", please) are unboxed, they will be under the control and direction of the staff. The staff includes the huntsman and whippers-in and are easily identified by their "pink" coats. Please give the hounds and staff plenty of room to work. Do not attempt to assist them or speak to the hounds unless you are asked to do so.

The Field

Join the field master when the Master of Foxhounds calls for the field to assemble. The field is the group of riders who follow hounds on a given day. At NCH, we typically have two fields. The first field goes at whatever pace the hounds set. The second field goes at a more moderate pace. You may join whichever field you feel comfortable in, but the second field is often recommended for inexperienced horses and riders. Each field has a field master who controls the pace and directs the riders. Introduce yourself to the field master so he/she can assist you. If you need to drop out early, please let the field master know.


Rules of the Run


The field will move off and the huntsman will go to the covert and cast the hounds while the field follows. One of the hounds will get the scent of a fox or coyote and will speak. If the scent is good, the other hounds will honor the first or strike hound and were off! When all of the hounds are speaking on the line of the quarry, we are on a run. During a run, please try to keep two horse lengths between your horse and the one in front of you in case of abrupt stops or falls. Ride in control. Do not pass other riders unless they are holding up the field. If you do need to pass, ask politely to do so. Hunting is not a race.


If you are jumping, please leave three horse lengths between you and the horse in front of you. If your horse refuses a jump allow others to proceed and go to the rear of the field or quickly go around the jump. All fences have go-arounds. If you choose not to jump, please stay to the rear of the field to promote good flow during runs. Do not jump unless the field master does so or gives you permission to do so.


You will notice some gentlemen in pink coats in the field and some ladies with black coats with blue collars with green trim.  The people so attired have earned their colors as a mark of their support for our club and with that have earned the right to ride up front.  Please give way to persons with their colors unless invited (as often happens) to go ahead.