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North Country Hounds 13th Annual Hunter Pace 
Saturday, September 21, 2019

Lull Brook Farm - Reeves Road, Hartland, Vermont

Join us for a fun-filled day of riding over some of the beautiful trails of the North Country Hounds.  Teams of two or three riders will leave at three-minute intervals and cover a course of approximately 5-7 miles with hunt jumps.  The course will be well marked.  All the jumps will have Go-Arounds!

There will be two divisions:  Hunting and Hacking.  Riders must be part of a 2 or 3 member team.  The NCH Masters of Fox Hounds will ride the course to establish the correct, hunt time.  Winners of the Hunting Pace will be the team whose time most closely matches the time set by the Masters.  The Hacking Pace will be based on the hunting time, but slower.  Ribbons will be awarded to each of the top ten teams.  

Please arrive between 8:30 am and 10:00 am on Saturday to pick up your information packets, sign releases if not submitted in advance, and to receive your departure time.  
No horses may be unloaded without a current Coggins Test.  

Directions to Lull Brook Farm:

From South Woodstock: Go up Morgan Hill. At 1.5 miles, turn left onto Morgan Hill Extension. A small sign (NCH) will be at the intersection. At 1.2 miles, turn left to Lull Brook Farm.

From I-91: At Exit 9, go north on Route 12 for about 1 mile (follow signs for Skunk Hollow Tavern). Bear left at fork (still on Route 12) to STOP sign. Turn left and go another mile, turn left onto Hartland/Brownsville Road. At this point, Skunk Hollow Tavern and a white church will be on your right. At 2.0 miles, turn right onto Jenneville Road. See small NCH signs at turn onto Jenneville Road. Go 3.4 miles to Lull Brook Farm on right.

Please note that the deadline for signing up is 10:00 am with the last team leaving around 10:30am.  NO LATE ARRIVALS, PLEASE.

ASTM/SEI-approved hard hat is required when mounted. 


Entry Fees

$50 per person; juniors $35 for entries received by September 16th
$60 per person; juniors $45 for entries received after September 16th
Make checks payable to NCH and send entry to:
North Country Hounds
c/o Cristin Roby
232 Baker Hill Road
Lyme, NH 03768



For additional information please email Cristin Roby at


What is a Hunter Pace?

The Hunter Pace is a competitive optional jumping trail ride over a designated 5-11 mile course. Each team consists of 2-3 riders who follow a 10 mile trail to attain a predetermined ideal time. Riders are encouraged to ride the trails with common sense, walking the tougher terrain, trotting and cantering where it appears reasonable. Riders may opt to compete in the Hunting Division or the Hacking Division, which is a slower pace. Awards and trophies at the conclusion of the ride and lunch.

The optimal hunting time has traditionally been set by the Huntsman or Master of the local foxhound club, who traverse the course "as if they were riding to hounds."  Since a foxhound pack is never hunted at a full gallop, but must be cast into a variety of covers, participants in the pace are encouraged to ride the trails with common sense, walking the tougher terrain, cantering where it appears to be reasonable, and galloping the open stretches of field.  Many Hunter Paces include both a Hunting Division, in which the bolder riders compete, and a Hacking Division, which appeals to trail riders who want to enjoy the trails at a slower pace.

Usually a luncheon is provided, and the winners are pinned after the last team finishes.  Some Hunter Paces award a ribbon to the youngest and oldest rider who complete the pace, the stable whose riders have come closest to the time, some even have costumed riders competing.  Most hunter paces today welcome both Western and English riders.

Hunter Paces are held in Spring and Fall when the ground offers reasonably good footing, and when the weather cooperates.  Most, but not all announce rain dates.

Paces today offer pre-registration since many of them fill up quickly because of their wide appeal.  Hunter Paces have become a major fund raising and social event for riders who love the beauty of traversing the countryside on horseback. You are guaranteed a day of lively fun and you may even bring home a ribbon!