NCH Membership
NCH Secretary

Lianne Thomashow, who can be reached at 
(802) 299-9411 or by using the Contact NCH page.



802-436-2477 (updated by 7:30 AM in the event of any change).


NCH Secretary
Lianne Thomashow, who can be reached at (802) 765-4274 or by using the Contact NCH page.




If you are aged over 18 and under 30 you can join as a Single (Young Adult) at less than half the cost of a Single (Senior) membership! Look into it and we look forward to seeing you.

North Country Hounds was founded in 1983 as a drag hunt. During the early years, we hunted in Lyme NH, Woodstock VT, Thetford VT, and Etna NH. In 1986 the hounds were relocated from Thetford to the Master's Culver Hill Farm in Lyme, NH. This transition ushered in live hunting, which introduced an entirely new dimension to our sport and changed the way staff was deployed around the countryside to follow hounds.

The kennels were moved again in 2001, and and hounds are now located in the heart of Windsor County's horse country. We have 18 couple of hounds, 13 or which are Crossbred and 5 are American. A somewhat new innovation to the Hunt are the radios which we now use for communication among staff The use of radios has made it possible for the Huntsman to follow the hounds when they seem to vanish into the dense Upper Valley woodland and are invaluable in some of the rough country where we hunt.

This season we will be hunting on Wednesday and Sunday mornings in S. Woodstock VT, W. Windsor VT, Norwich VT, Strafford VT, and Lyme NH. We acknowledge the generosity of the many landowners who allow us the privilege of riding over their property, and we must always remember that we are guests of the property owners. Our goal is to leave the country as undisturbed as possible. We welcome all guests and urge them to call the Hunt Secretary to arrange to hunt with us. Guests should also avail themselves of the section on Foxhunting with North Country Hounds if they are not familiar with foxhunting.